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    1、The meaning of quality culture
    Mass culture is a kind of management culture, is also a kind of organizational culture, in the quality improvement activities, through the influence character by environment communication means the ideological, resulting in the enterprise quality objectives, quality concept, quality norms of behavior "identity". In the formation of the quality culture atmosphere, the causes of self motivation in order to get the leadership and colleagues of identity, and work hard to realize the enterprise quality improvement goals.It has three levels:

    Material layer 1, mass culture: the quality of image through the business environment, the staff mental outlook, products, services, is the quality of the surface layer of the culture.
    System level 2, quality culture: the quality organization, enterprise quality standard, quality regulations, quality system performance, is the development of quality culture.
    The spirit layer 3, mass culture: the quality consciousness, enterprise staff's quality concept, quality of spirit, is the core of quality culture.

    2、 Quality culture
    1、 invisible, namely the enterprise culture is a kind of the power of faith, moral strength, mental strength. This three force interaction, promoting the formation of the advantages of the enterprise culture.
    2、soft constraints. The enterprise culture is the enterprise management work, is because of its workers edification, infection and the induction, make enterprise staff on corporate goals, norms and values and norms of behavior to work.
    3、 the relative stability and continuity. The enterprise culture is produced with the birth of the enterprise, has a certain stability and continuity, long-term impact on employee behavior, not because of changes in daily small business environment or individual cadres and workers to change.
    4、full of personality. Enterprise culture is a unity of generality and individuality, have common side, some common from the same culture and same international environment and the formation of. But because of the different industry, the community environment is different, the historical characteristics of different, different operating characteristics, product characteristics are different, different time characteristics, and the formation of enterprise culture personality.