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    1, integrity, honesty and trustworthiness.
    2, loyalty to the company, the maintenance of state interests and image source at.
    3, attach great importance to the colleagues, customers, suppliers commitment, do not easily promised, once pledged that must be fulfilled.
    4, loyal to his post, define their duties, in one minute, 60 seconds.
    4, in the face of mistakes, admit, not to explain it, and promptly corrected.
    5, responsible for yourself, your work as their own business, supervised and unsupervised can undertake the responsibility, not shirk the responsibility.
    6, follow the company's work processes, to repeat the mistake not due to dereliction of duty caused.
    7, today not tomorrow, go to work time only do work that.
    8, any time, not to lower the quality in exchange for cost reduction and efficiency improvement.
    9, for the first time put the events, the unqualified products (data) does not flow to the next step.
    10, the habit of nurturance self check, all done all by yourself carefully check more than once.