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    Shenzhen double Stringer Technology Co., Ltd., is China Security and Protection Industry Association unit, specializing in closed-circuit surveillance cameras development, production and sales. There's a wholly owned Shenzhen Industrial Co., Ltd.; the company's main products are Internet phone cameras, wireless WIFI camera, IPC one million high-definition network cameras. Wireless cameras for the new generation of smart home products, has a perfect P2P networks, penetrate into any network, exclusive 3D VOICE speech engine plus ECHOCAN CELLATION echo cancellation technology to make results comparable with traditional calls, leading Internet video trend of the times! It is the first to offer wireless long distance (1-10 km) and outdoor harsh environments security product manufacturers and solution providers!

           The company is headquartered in Pinghu, Longgang District streets Nai Hang Road on the 11th double linen Stringer Science Park, the surrounding industrial environment is mature, improve industrial area facilities and service system for the production of high-quality products and the long-term development of a solid hardware environment . In 2009, in order to conform to the development of the market, better and more convenient service to our customers, the company expanded the scale again. Double gold grid technology uphold strict implementation of quality management concept of enterprise development, to "rely on the quality, service, technology based on the market," the marketing idea! The company has passed the quality management system certification, EU CE certification, the US FCC certification, the products have passed the Chinese Ministry of Public Security Testing Center qualified. Double gold grid technology Guangdong security industry Association unit, vice president of Shenzhen Security Industry Association, won the 2009 second 100 security vendors integrity, honesty 2010 Third 100 security vendors, the security industry's cutting-edge Enterprise and safe city recommended brands, was awarded the 2014-2015 fourth security integrity of the 10 Oscar Award for Enterprise.

           So far, the company attaches great importance to the development of high-tech products, and continue to invest heavily in product development. In the pre-sale, sale, sale and provide customers with fast and convenient, comprehensive service system, the market is increasingly consolidating and expanding extension; "SANGMEI" New products are to market radiation throughout the country, "Night's experts" products radiation around the world , most of the current export-oriented products. Double Ginger brand "SANGMEI" and "Night's expert" with its "high-tech, quality and excellent service" and other features to win the majority of partners, end users praise. Meanwhile, the company continue to increase marketing and marketing efforts; effort to expand their visibility and "SANGMEI" and "Night's experts" brand reputation. To "mutual benefit and win-win partnership" as the guiding ideology, constantly better products, better service, more profit point partners to share, work together to grow a beautiful vision double gold grid technology.