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    Join conditions

           Sufficient investment funds and ability to resist risks.

           With the ability to manage the implementation of

           Learning adaptability

           Brand appreciation

           Fully into the spirit of the cause

    Affiliate program

           A applicant to apply to join the headquarters or agency (get written material)

           B sides to negotiate, inspection, assessment

           C entered into a collaboration, signed a formal contract (Headquarters issued a power of attorney, money exchange stores to headquarters applicant required)

           D collect store basic conditions (headquarters or agency audit qualifications)

           E opening preparation (applicant decorating the shop, recruiting and training staff)

           F Opening Ceremony

    Affiliate Program

           1 for the country recruit agents provincial, municipal agents, regional agents

           2 National Beauty Salons

           3 National Club

           4 individual entrepreneurs

           5 on behalf of OEM business OEM

           6 Derivative

           7 O2O etc.